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Patient success story

The patient P, D, 61 years old had recurrent small bleedings in the left side of the brain causing epileptic attacks and temporary neurological deficit (Gerstmann syndrome). The neuroradiological investigations with brain CT and brain MRI demonstrates a small vascular malformation so called cavernoma on the left side (gyrus angularis) as the cause of the bleedings and the epilepsy.

The first opinion from the neurologist was to treat the epilepsy with the help of antiepileptic medication and after the consultation of a neurosurgeon, the neurologist wasn’t able to give a clear recommendation for or against the surgery.

A few months later the patient contacted us for a second opinion and treatment plan. According to the disease history, we advised the patient to undergo a brain surgery immediately to extirpate the cavernoma via a minimally invasive surgery under the microscope and stereotactic guidance.

The patient underwent the surgery successfully recovering extremely quick within a few days and without any neurological deficits.
Preoperative brain MRI showed the left side cavernoma in the gyrus angularis
Preoperative MRI fiber tracking for the surgical planning
During the stereotactically guided microsurgical cavernoma extirpation
German Diagnostic Telemedicine Center

Dear Patient,

Welcome to the German Diagnostic and Telemedicine Center. The idea of telemedicine we have been practicing since many years. Now we implemented the clinical examination into the telemedicine procedure. That's why the first step for you will be to visit our outpatient clinic in Cairo – see Location.

The cooperation partner in Germany is Dr. Nils Diethelm Haberland in Frankfurt/Main - . The Klinik provides German medical experts in the whole field of medicine on the highest level. So we can give all patients a state of the art second opinion and a treatment plan via telemedicine.

The patient has to visit our outpatient clinic for the clinical examination by a local medical expert and to collect all medical records including the images like CT and MRI. All of these informations we send to the Beta Klinik. Afterwards the German medical expert is going check the medical file of the patient and he will perform a videoconference with the patient. In the end the German medical expert offers the second opinion about the diagnosis and the treatment plan to the patient during this videoconference.

After the successful second opinion procedure we will guide you independently to the best treatment options according to our professional experience.

With German Diagnostic and Telemedicine Center it is not necessary to travel to the medical experts, we will bring the experts to you.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Nils Diethelm Haberland, MD